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Below are some examples of my work. Due to the nature of freelancing, I do also have a number of other examples which are under NDA, which are available on request. On each occasion I was responsible for the full site build.

All concept & design work was done by the hiring designer / digital agency.

I work with designers, digital agencies and other web developers, providing Craft CMS development & coding services.

Steve Holland | Subtract | Freelance full-stack web developer

About me

I'm Steve Holland, a reliable and experienced freelance full-stack web developer.

During my career I've worked across a number of different fields including Internet Banking, Digital Media, Financial Services and the NHS. I've been working full time as a freelance web developer for over 7 years. If you'd like to know more, head on over to my Developer Story on Stack Overflow.

I've used a wide variety of tools and technology over the years. The current tools of the trade include: Craft CMS, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, VueJS, MySQL, SASS (SCSS), PostCSS, Gulp, Webpack.


I'm available to work solo on a project by project basis, or as part of a team on larger projects.

I'll keep you updated regularly with project progress. I'm comfortable using a number of different collaboration / project management tools including Basecamp, Asana and

For front-end work you'll provide designs / wireframes. Generally these days my clients use Sketch.

All code is keep under version control with Git on either BitBucket or Github.

Remote working

I work 100% remotely with clients across the United Kingdom. This allows me to keep my overheads lower than a traditional freelancer/contractor, so I don't need to worry about travel costs, accommodation etc. It also allows me to keep a sensible work/life balance, so I'm not stuck in traffic or commuting several hours per day, I'm actively working on your project.


I'm not currently taking on any new freelance projects.